Should You Make The Switch? Battery-Powered Lawncare Equipment

The single biggest advantage of battery-powered equipment is the quiet.

Battery-powered lawncare equipment has come a long way over the past decade. It used to be that running things off of electricity meant schlepping around a cumbersome and dangerous electrical cord. But that tripping hazard can stay coiled up and hanging from the garage wall these days, safely tucked away between the roof rake and spare sheet of drywall. Why? Because battery-powered equipment can take you just about anywhere.

Battery-Powered Pros

To me, the single biggest advantage of battery-powered equipment is the quiet. A lot of electric lawn equipment clocks in between 60 and 70 decibels (dB), which is in the range of normal conversation and is very unlikely to cause hearing loss. Gas equipment? That is much louder. Most lawnmowers and string trimmers reach 95 dB, about the equivalent of a motorcycle. Gasoline leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws are even louder and can permanently damage hearing after fifteen minutes of exposure or less.

That aside, here are some other advantages of battery-powered lawncare equipment:

  • Less hassle (no oil/gas mixing)
  • Less mess (see above)
  • No smells
  • You don’t even have to scrub your hands

For small residential lots, I think these devices are where it’s at. There are more and more millennials getting into the housing market. Remember: This is a generation raised on video games and mac keyboards. I imagine a lot of people under thirty don’t know how to mix gas.

This is not a criticism per say. It is to point out that if you are at Home Depot on a Saturday with a wife who wants to be somewhere else and a kid who’s screaming, are you going to pick up something that requires you to watch three Youtube videos before you can even start to get comfortable or you going to pickup something that runs just like your drill and driver combo kit?