Being Grounded

At Grounded, we hold workmanship to be paramount. We’re sick and tired of out-of-the-box do-dads and efficiencies.

Standardization assures that some minimum standard of quality has been met. But that comes with a cost. It means you’re unlikely to get something that is truly excellent…  that delivers exactly what you need.
You and your property are not machines.

We work hard…
and we know when to rest

Some of us are Christian and some are not but we all recognize the importance of life’s different seasons, of Sabbath rest, and of letting God be God.
Whether we’re planting tulips, trimming a hedge, or waiting for the paint to dry, it’s important to know when to step away, when to sip a coffee, and when to go back to the truck.

Work and rest in harmony

GROUNDED is more than a group of companies, it’s an ethic. We take our jobs seriously. Coming from a place of rest helps us create places of rest for you. 

We’re just getting started

WORK Yard Care and Lake City Landscaping are already serving Sudbury. And there’s more coming. 
We’re starting a conversation. Stay tuned.