Home to rich soil and hardy souls

Grounded is a Sudbury-based group of brands united by hard work, beauty, and rest.

We have strong backs, curious minds, and old souls. We’re the kind of people who built this city. We’re proud to end the day with spent shoulders and boots that smell like scorched pavement and rich soil. We like hard work.

WORK Yard Care

WORK is the kind of full-service yard care company that you’re as comfortable having on your property every week as you are looking after your widowed mother’s place.

Lake City Landscaping​

At LCL, we specialize in comprehensive soil restoration for lawns and garden beds, ecological landscape design, and expert ornamental tree surgery.

We love the soil​

We eschew commercial herbicides and pesticides in favour of regenerative urban agriculture practices. WORK Yard Care and Lake City Landscaping are as popular among earthworms and nematodes as they are among some of Sudbury’s most stately properties.

We love the people

Right now, we’re WORK and LCL. But there’s more coming. We have much more to offer because, sadly, it’s not just the land that is compacted and barren in this city. We want vibrant souls on top of vibrant soils. We have more to give our God and our community.

Learn more about what makes us different.

Grounded is just getting started. Contact us through WORK Yard Care if you need help with your property. Contact us at Lake City Landscaping for exceptional gardening and tree care.